About us

was inspired by Verónica Valdivieso through traveling the world and witnessing first hand the harmonious connections between nature and local fashions.  Understanding the need of the wider fashion industry to become more eco-conscious, VVfashions adopted a responsible approach to fashion and design through traveling from city to city searching for the best local crafts and fashion designers who work with 100% eco-friendly materials.
Now based in Hong Kong  and with experience in both Asia and Europe, VVfashions connects unique & sustainable products from Europe (more specifically Portuguese products) to our customers in Asia (Hong Kong & Singapore), in order to help local designers and support the sustainable fashion and eco-conscious movements.
Our products are of the highest quality and made with eco-friendly materials. One example of our products is cork (considered vegan leather) which is long-lasting, soft and waterproof is extracted from cork oak trees without cutting them down. The tree goes through self-regeneration which gives the activity of cork harvesting a unique sustainable nature.
Other products like our earrings are inspired by azulejos, a traditional form of Spanish and Portuguese painted ceramic tile-work.
Today, it is common to see these beautiful patterns decorating churches, monasteries, palaces, and regular homes in parts of Western Europe  - as well as adorning the ears, wrists, and arms of fashion influencers.
We are constantly on the search for new eco-friendly products in order to bring unique sustainable fashion products to Asia.  We hope to play our part in the continued growth of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. This is Fashion that cares - for people who care!