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Eco-handbag( Sewed)


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Eco-handbag( Sewed)
Eco-handbag( Sewed)
Eco-handbag( Sewed)

This Gorgeous design is a PETA approved cross-body bag is made with antimicrobial Vegan Leather( Cork).It has a sewed red rose/flamingo/coconut palm tree on the front side to remind you of nature.  It has a zipper closure so you can keep your items safe. On the inside you can also find a zip pocket for your most precious items.There's a tassel hanging from a side, giving an unique pop to this handbag

Cork is :

Sustainable ✅

Vegan leather✅

Ethically harvested ✅ ( Trees are NOT cut down), harvesting of bark happens every 9 years

100% Organic ✅

Impermeable ✅

Antimicrobial ✅

Smooth &light ✅

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